Time Person of the Year – YOU!

Time has decided that the Person of the Year is YOU. I could not agree more!

Time Person of the Year - YOU

The talking heads on the FOX’s, CNN’s, and MSNBC’s of the world are saying that this is a joke and devalues the Time tradition of naming Person of the Year (it was Man of the Year till 1999). I’ve heard them say that it is a cop out. “How could EVERYONE be Person of the Year?”

Well, I think that Time is spot on. 2006 is the year that people realized that playing field has been leveled. No longer do you need a record contract to have a hit song. No longer do you need to be on Saturday Night Live to have you 4 minute comedy series seen by millions each week. No longer is the video footage on war what has approved for our sensitive eys. These things are all controlled by you. You create the media and you decide what to watch.

I say that Time hit the nail right on the head. We are all witnessing the transfer of power that is taking place in the Information Age. And that power is being transfered to you.

Maybe the talking heads on the FOX’s of the world are concerned and that is why they are calling it a joke.

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