Your CEO Should Twitter

This video post was recorded from the balcony of the Oberi Amarvilss in Agra India.
If you have the opportunity to stay a night, I suggest you do.

CEO’s can find great value in using twitter.

Twitter allows CEO’s to connect with employees, potential employees, clients, vendors, competitors, in a very efficient manner.

Using twitter, CEO’s become more approachable. People can send a message informally and give suggestions, comment, complain, or ask a question. Three people recently interviewing with Total Attorneys mentioned that seeing the CEO on twitter helped positively shape their perception of our organization. Your approachability has an impact on your brand.

Listening to the conversation on twitter can provide you insight into your customers, your employees your brand and your market.

Twitter provides a platform to engaging in informal conversation that previously was not available. These conversations can help CEO’s vet ideas, shape their vision, or just show that your company cares enough to engage.

Many tools make this easy.

TweepBeep –Tweetbeep allows you to monitor keywords, like a brand, industry terms, a twitter name, competitors, vendors, etc. TweetBeep delivers you summary email so you can quickly scan the information, much like Google Alerts.

Tweetdeck – Create groups of your ‘friends’ to see, for example, customers or employees tweets very easily. Tweekdeck allows you to watch the real time flow of search words you are interested in, and see the ‘tweetscape’. For example I always watch the keywords ‘Legal Services’ and ‘Legal SaaS’.

Topify – Provides an efficient way to see who has decided to follow you and gives enough information to quickly decide if you want to follow back.

ExecTweets - See what other CEO’s are already are twitter. Watch what they are saying and see how they use it all in one place.

What tools to you think are effective?

Do you agree that CEO’s should twitter?

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