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Everything begins with Corporate Culture

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Right now I’m listening to the laughter and banter that runs wild through Total Attorneys come Friday at 4 PM. People truly enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the weeks accomplishments.

From day one I have spent a great deal of time focusing on the culture of my company. At first it was just me and if I was smiling then all was good.

When I started hiring my first employees I focused on making sure that they were happy to come to work every day. This was done be keeping the work fast paced, challenging, innovative and fun. Often it was little things, like bring a case of beer in when we launched a project. Everyone could sense I was doing all I could to make our company better than every other place you could work.

As we have now grown to over 200 people we are now scaling the culture. People who start working here quickly identify that this is an amazing place. One that is so different than where they have worked before. People are happy. People enjoy being around each other. People are nice.

Everything will build off of your culture. Branding, client satisfaction, employee retention, vendor relations…the list could go on and on. Think of it as the heart of your company.

Yes, our success has come from an innovative approach to delivering services and software to lawyers. Yes, we are doing cutting edge stuff at an incredibly face pace. Yes, our revenue continues to grow while other business is slowing. But, if you ask me how all the above can happen and I will respond in one word without hesitation. Culture.