Design – Dictatorship vs. Democracy

In this video: The difference between design by democracy and design by dictatorship. While you must listen others input and advice at the end of the day one person needs to make the call when it comes to designing a logo. The more you let the decision be driven by a committee and appease everyone the less chance you have of achieving a strong mark to build your identity off of.

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3 Responses to “Design – Dictatorship vs. Democracy”

  1. Joe Franco says:

    when design is concerned, too many cooks in the kitchen = crap

  2. Hey Ed.!

    Good to hear your thoughts on the subject. I am currently in the process of writing my dissertation on the subject of design democracy… yor views have greatly helped!


    Sandeep Singh,
    M.A. Design Management,

  3. Ed says:

    Thanks Sandeep!

    I would love to get a copy of your dissertation once it is complete. I’m obviously interested in the subject.

    Thanks again,


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