Are you feeling emotional this Inauguration Day?

This might be the most historic day in modern American history. Regardless of political beliefs, it is a wonderful day to be an American.

I started volunteering at the national headquarters of Obama for America on April 11, 2007. (Here is a post from my first day – wish I had kept blogging about it!) Winning the primary, let alone the election, was beyond a long shot. However, the energy in the office was palpable.

Senator Obama wanted a phone number Americans could call and talk to a real person. I became one of the people who answered. Often three-days a week I would leave my office for a three-hour shift. The call center started out as 4 phones; by election night rooms were filled with people on the phone.

In a few short hours, as he takes the oath of office, the Obama honeymoon will be over. While we are all still enjoying it, I thought I’d share my very small part in this very large day.

I would love to hear how you are feeling today.

5 Responses to “Are you feeling emotional this Inauguration Day?”

  1. Drew Massie says:

    I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Obama has an incredible charisma and appears to be unflappable. These two qualities are CRITICAL for the work he has in front of him. -Drew

  2. Carol Thompson says:

    This is a moment in history that is truly special and only comes once a lifetime. This is an emotional time not just for the U.S., but for the global community as a whole.

  3. Tristan Milner says:

    As a Brit living in the US, I really feel this as a huge step to bringing the US back to past good standing in the World. I came to the US toward the end of the Bush era and many friends back home questioned why I would want to live in America. I guess this past year and Obama’s Tuesday answer that question. America had lost her way, but never her strength of character. I suspect those same friends of mine are now reaching to enjoy the collective glow shimmering across the Pond.

  4. Amber says:

    Your baby is adorable! Both of you will know just where you were on this day!
    Both my dad, and I and I guess you can say my 5 year old son volunteered for the Obama campaign.
    Three generations, my father born during the depression, me the late 70′s and my son 2003, all amazing times in history.

    Our children have the luxury of not truly understanding what this moment meant, even we probably dont know compared to our parents.
    It truly was a great day and President Obama and our nation remain in my thoughts.
    I only hope there are many more great days to come, there must be.

  5. That picture of your baby is so hysterical/cute! Classic!

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