Everything begins with Corporate Culture

Right now I’m listening to the laughter and banter that runs wild through Total Attorneys come Friday at 4 PM. People truly enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the weeks accomplishments.

From day one I have spent a great deal of time focusing on the culture of my company. At first it was just me and if I was smiling then all was good.

When I started hiring my first employees I focused on making sure that they were happy to come to work every day. This was done be keeping the work fast paced, challenging, innovative and fun. Often it was little things, like bring a case of beer in when we launched a project. Everyone could sense I was doing all I could to make our company better than every other place you could work.

As we have now grown to over 200 people we are now scaling the culture. People who start working here quickly identify that this is an amazing place. One that is so different than where they have worked before. People are happy. People enjoy being around each other. People are nice.

Everything will build off of your culture. Branding, client satisfaction, employee retention, vendor relations…the list could go on and on. Think of it as the heart of your company.

Yes, our success has come from an innovative approach to delivering services and software to lawyers. Yes, we are doing cutting edge stuff at an incredibly face pace. Yes, our revenue continues to grow while other business is slowing. But, if you ask me how all the above can happen and I will respond in one word without hesitation. Culture.

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  1. Serena Rajakumar says:

    Very well put and I totally agree…happy employees are productive employees!

  2. Eric Watson says:

    I love working here. I came from an IT consulting firm that I felt had a pretty loose corp. culture. But after coming here I quickly realized that this has to be the best place to work in the city!

  3. David Haywood says:

    I think that corporate culture is one of the most influential and driving forces behind the success of any business. Alot of people believe that this success lies in the commonality of its employess, when in actuality- its the differences in each and everyone of us that make us as successful of an office as we are.

  4. Chad Cohen says:

    I dig it

  5. Rick Leitch says:

    You’ve done a great job maintaining the culture of this company, Ed! Just yesterday I found myself wishing days were longer than 24 hours so I could spend more time perfecting my professional skill set. Today I was able to master two advanced concepts that I was completely oblivious to the day before and managed to squeeze in some time on the Xbox 360.

    I am litterally at least 6 times the professional I was before I started working here only 5 months ago! Thanks for the amazing opportunity Ed!

  6. Amen. The culture TA brings in the office cannot be measured easily. I think the important thing is bringing a balance of work and pleasure in the office which results in a happy place. ( :

  7. Juan Castro says:

    This is my first week as an intern and since day 1 I felt like home. The work environment at Total Attorneys is like nothing I had seen before.

  8. Dan Levengood says:

    I think it’s really easy to take an amazing culture at work for granted. It’s something you get used to and tend to expect. However, like Ed says, it’s not something that comes easy. We work really hard at keeping it real.

    Timmy mentioned culture today in his talk on hiring. Do you really want a super qualified person who doesn’t match the culture working for you or with you? At first glance you may say “yes”, but in the long run it’s just not smart.

    I’m very grateful, everyday, for the amazing culture that has been cultivated here at Total Attorneys. And thankful for the importance that is place don continuing it.


  9. Nejat Sassounes says:

    A big thanks to Ed and everyone else who continually make this Total Attorneys awesome for both work and play.

  10. Victor Metroff says:

    After submitting my resume and being offered a position within the company for Bankruptcy Case Support, I did not think it could get any better. I had received an internship at a company that has an outstanding reputation. Though once I began to work here I realized that things were going to be much better than I thought; everyone treats each other with a great amount of respect and realizes that every person is a key portion to the big picture. Just because I am an intern and here for seasonal time, I am not treated any differently. I am a part of the team, which makes working here a pleasure.

  11. Bryan Harris says:

    I agree with Ed 100% and because I enjoy working here and with the company it makes me work that much harder to make the company money and keep my job. Not because I can’t get another job but because I actually enjoy coming to work here and it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like getting together with my friends everyday and getting stuff done in the process. Thanks Ed.

  12. Steven Robinson says:

    I agree with most of what’s been said, I’ve worked at much more buttoned up places and the difference is staggering.

    I think the benefit of having a relaxed and cool atmosphere in the workplace is that people feel so much more at home. There are workplaces that rule with intimidation almost and this can only have a negative impact on productivity. While people may feel less likely to “get away with things” they ultimately don’t feel valued or respected and tend to work within themselves. I’m paraphrasing but there is a quote from office space I believe about only working hard enough to not be fired, and in a lot of companies that’s the motto of the workforce they have. Where as being trusted & respected and working in a more open fun environment people tend to give more.

    There isn’t the same divide between management and non-management and as a result people feel free to generate ideas, to contribute and feel part of the success of the company. I really care about the success of this company which is an unusual feeling because I’ve worked in places where disgruntlement is second nature, and share prices go up and down but you don’t feel personally invested so you’re blase about it.

    But by creating a culture that allows people to feel like they part of something as opposed to employee for someone, then you get the missing ingredient that the very corporate buttoned up places miss out on and that’s passion.

  13. Kim Kupsik says:

    Like father, like son! You rock, Eddie!

  14. Matt Jones says:

    From my experience in the staffing industry and working for 2 INC 5000 Companies in my career, it is a big deal when the Founder and CEO of your company states that the companies most important asset is its Corporate Culture. There is no price tag on how much that adds to your employees compensation and it gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace because your clients will feel the passion your employees have.

  15. Gwynne says:

    In my experience, it is rare for a CEO to walk-the-walk, and not just talk-the-talk. Judging from the comments, and from the people I’ve met so far at TotalAttorneys, Ed – you walk-the-walk.

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